Aquabarrel Customers say it all...

Hi Barry Wow, just received the diverters today, what a great service!! I will recommend your company to anyone who asks about my rain butts. Thanks again for all your help and prompt replies to my queries. Clare S. from little New Zealand

Service "beyond the call!" Thanks so much. As I said, you are a Prince and we surely hope you do a raving business as you deserve it......pity you are so far away. But, frankly, though the shipping equaled the priced of the items, it was worth it because WHAT you offer is true quality! (Service like this is hard to find in this near-3rd-world that too often is Hawaii!)

Appreciately, Betty and Ray of HI

Dear Aquabarrel,
More times than not, when I've ordered something over the internet, the products typically don't meet my total expectations. Well you proved us wrong.

I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with the Rain Barrel Diverter kits we purchased. Your product has totally exceeded our expectations. My husband and I installed both in less than 30 minutes! I thought you might like to see how well these came out. I can also tell you that they filled in less than 1 day with a very light rain! We couldn't be happier.

Vicki & Colin S

I appreciated the opportunity to meet you recently and learn about rain barrels from you. You provided great sales help and advice and made our dream come true in terms of being more "green" and saving a bit of money.

You told me exactly what I needed - even though I thought I had it figured out you expertly taught me a better way to install my barrels with better components. Thanks so much for the experience! We are very happy with our barrels and water our garden and other plants with the water. I don't think our neighbors have any idea what we are doing yet - but they will be green with envy when they find out. I think this water is much better for our plants than treated tap-water and every time I use my barrels I smile.

Thanks for the help, expert advice, and good luck with your great business.


ran barrel installation

Thanks so much for your informative discussion on setting up the triple RainBox and for packing them in our too small of a vehicle. I have included a few pictures of the mostly completed installation... of the RainBoxes located under our deck.

Each rain would cause further erosion, which I was continually patching. After installation of the RainBoxes, and one Hurricane Irene, there was no erosion to patch. The boxes were continually draining through a garden hose attached to the hose port. At one point during the storm the boxes almost reached the overflow condition so I added hoses to the other two ports and voila. They were able to drain faster than they were filling.

Thanks again,
Jan and Joe H.
Crownsville, MD

customer installed RainBox rain barrel Crownsville Maryland

customer installed RainBox rain barrel Crownsville Maryland

Dear Barry,

On behalf of our entire Global Leaders Environmental Club, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to come in and talk about Aquabarrel LLC. I speak for all our members when I say that I found your presentation truly invigorating. You have an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit; as an aspiring technology entrepreneur myself, it was fascinating to listen to you relay the thought process that led you to found Aquabarrel.

In regards to one specific aspect of your talk - would you mind providing us with more details on the outside internship and volunteer opportunities you mentioned? We'd like to offer these opportunities to a couple of devoted students; perhaps we could even help facilitate the intern-mentor matching process. Personally, I'd also really appreciate any information or contacts you'd be willing to offer regarding those business opportunities you mentioned earlier.

I also wanted to let you know that our club is considering purchasing one of your aquabarrels as part of our school-wide environmental campaign. We all agree that implementing them throughout Wootton would make for an excellent foreseeable project, and we'd love to continue working with you.

I wish you and Aquabarrel the best of luck in your future pursuits, and can't wait to hear of your additional successes. I didn't get the chance to formally introduce myself to you (a test ran long - I won't elaborate here) but I hope that we'll have many more interactions and opportunities to meet. If there's any way the club or I can be of help to you, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

Kind regards,


Global Leaders Environmental Club
Thomas S. Wootton High School

As a side note here - Alice became one of our Interns the summer of 2012

I recently ordered 6 Leaf Beaters for my ranch style home on the heavily wooded Olympic Peninsula. For the first time since living here 8 years my gutter problems are solved. Now I can clean my downspout filters without ever getting on the roof by just letting it all come down to me. With 17 trees surrounding my house it was a constant problem. Thanks for such a great product which is so easy to install and maintain. Rudy

Hey. I had an awesome time...Thanks so much, you have great energy and personally to match. Donita G.

I appreciate your response and attentiveness to detail and ROCKS! Regards, Will H.

Barry Chenkin of Aquabarrel LLC did an excellent job of choosing the right rain barrels for my house and installing them. He explained why the ones that I had previously did not work well and should be removed. He was very quick to respond to my request for an estimate and to complete the work. When he ran into an unexpected problem (wires under the potential location), he spent the time necessary to deal with it. The price seemed fair. I highly recommend Aquabarrel.
Molly H.
Kensington, MD

75 gallon Rain Box Rain Barrel Cistern

Hey Barry,
I managed to get the barrels installed before rain this weekend. They filled up overnight. Pics are attached, although I"m sure you have more impressive installations.
I'll probably add more later as well.

RainBox installation California RainBox installation in California

Barry--Here are photos of our installed rainbarrel. I'll send testimonial separately. Hope you had a successful Green Festival.
Al L.
Arlington, VA

80 gallon rain barrel installed by customer 80 gallon rain barrel installed by customer

Dear Mr. Chenkin:
We very much appreciate the inspiring presentation you gave to us on small business. The TeamWorks student partners all expressed enthusiasm about and the story behind a small Internet-based business. They especially liked hearing your invaluable business tips.

Our feedback forms noted that it was definitely the most popular presentation among the students so far (one student even thought your presentation was too short).

Thanks again, and we look forward to asking you back for an encore presentation next year.

Donna M. Marks
Communications Specialist
Editorial, Graphics & Publishing Services
Department of Multimedia Services,
CESC, Rockville, MD

I just wanted to let you folks know how pleased we our with your products! Everything worked exactly as your site described. As a matter of fact I just ordered another set [downpout diverters] for the otherside of the house. It's a pleasure doing business with a company that, #1 knows what they are doing and #2 sells a quality product. Thanks again.
E. Carpenter
Everett, WA

I found the downspout diverter on your website. I ordered it on Monday, received and installed it on Wednesday. As luck would have it, it rained last night and today, Thursday, I have a full rain barrel... I am VERY pleased with the diverter and will order some other items that I saw on your website.
Thank you,
Jasper, Indiana

Hi Barry, thanks for all your help. I'm glad I met you at EcoBuild in 2008. You saved us. We retrofitted our rain barrel with your kit and it is amazing. It is still cold outside so I can't use it yet for my garden. But honestly, I can't wait. I told some of my neighors about you and you should be hearing from them soon. Thank you for what you do. And I'll be in touch.
Bibi U,
Alexandria, VA (April 2009)
Rain barrel before conversion to the Aquabarrel Patent Pending Design Rain barrel after conversion to the Aquabarrel Patent Pending Design

Hi Barry, I just wanted to share with you our simple set-up...
Our house was built sometime between 1905 and 1910. We were in a bit of a rush because of the incoming storms. Since then, as you can see, we've had a good dousing and both barrels are completely full. We plan on painting them to match the red paint. We had to do a bit of gutter cleaning which can be a challenge but it's been worth it. We are also looking at the barrels as a way to store water that we run to get hot water in the pipes. Even with a tankless heater, it can take almost a gallon to warm the shower water before using. Hopefully our garden in both front and back will benefit from every bit of water we can harvest until and through the summer.
Heather F., Berkeley, CA Berkley California Aquabarrel rain barrels installed

I wanted to pass on to you how wonderful my rain barrel turned out!! I had the barrel, but I purchased the kit and bung plugs from you. I did not have to use regular water all summer!!

Everyone who visited and saw my Aquabarrel rain barrel, wanted the internet site so they could look for one too. Even my husband thought it was great.

Thanks so much for your wonderful product. I’ll definitely be coming back for my next barrel in the Spring.

Sincerely, DLW
Kittanning, PA

I just wanted to thank you for your help. It seemed like extra effort to make sure I had everything. Everything is in place and awaiting water.
Carson City, NV - Aquabarrel 80 gallon rain barrel installed

Carson City, NV

Hi! We recently purchased two rain barrels...I have installed both real easily and we are very happy with them...

Mount Rainier, MD
customer installed Aquabarrel Rain Barrel customer installed Aquabarrel Rain Barrel
customer installed Aquabarrel Rain Barrel

I have never worked with a company so quick and willing to correct an error. The right order arrived yesterday and everything looks great. Thanks for all the consideration and attention. I just finished installing one of the diverters, and everything worked as it was supposed to. Now we’ll hope for rain.
Bill E.
Abingdon, MD

Mr. Chenkin:
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Aquabarrel basic installation kit that I ordered. In a world in which too many things are overhyped or not as advertised, your kit included instructions that were clear with photos that clearly demonstrated each step. Thank you.
John F.
Sustainable Business Network of Washington

Thanks for the great product. Customer support is outstanding. I was missing a part upon delivery(lost by the delivery service). My email was promptly answered that evening along with a phone call to verify the missing part and was promptly shipped out the following day. The installation couldn't have been easier. We had rainfall that night and the next morning we had a full 55 gallon barrel. I highly recommend Aquabarrel. It's the best!
Bill P.
rain barrel installed by customer

Thank you for your rapid response. Your suggestions give me some ideas. As for what makes your product awesome, I have several reasons for saying that. First of all, I like the 55 gallon size. It will be prefect for my situation. Although this is not a unique size, your price is very competitive. However, what I like more than that is the size and location of the overflow port. I have done a lot of research and internet browsing and I was always wondering why the overflow ports were so small. And then I found yours. I also love the A and B options on the barrels. Personally, I will purchase the B model but the option itself is great. I also like the fact that the top of the barrel is closed. I have young kids and they love to work in the yard with me and that familiarity makes buckets dangerous and I worry about the barrels that have removable tops. Seems like a tragedy waiting to happen. I like that the barrels are paint-able but your diverters, filters and other accessories are what really put your product over the top. You product seems like a passion, not just something that is sold on a website.

I live in Georgia and we are in the worst drought in over 50 years. This situation and my involvement in “Green” building/construction have combined to make me water conscious like never before. I really got started on this when I began catching condensate off my A/C condensers to water my plants and young trees. Even though rain has been scarce, condensate has not. Anyway, I came across your site and I am very impressed. I am even trying to interest my friends and family in harnessing their condensate and rain run-off. It will be fun to get started.
Todd A.
DPR Construction, Inc.

Dear Sir:
You have kindly taken time to answer both of my emails, so I don't need to take your time on the phone. I will fill out the order form as you suggested and mail it with my check. Thank you for assistance, for having what looks like a great product, and for unusually good customer service. Your company not only has a very informative website and an obvious desire to provide information to the public but provides direct and extremely timely access to the person who can do something about "problems/opportunities". I will recommend you to all of my gardening buddies.

Thanks again, Rita C.
Cobb County GA

rain barrel customer installed
Hi's of our rain barrel set up. It works very well. We spray painted it and it turned out fine.

Also wanted to let you know we got our first 3 month water bill since we purchased the barrel. We got $70 discount which was half of the actual total bill for 3 months of water. Our bill is usually about $150. So next bill we will just get the routine discount of about $6.00 so they say. The first discount was retroactive, but not certain if that was for 1 or 2 years?

Anyway.....thank you! It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Best regards from Portland Oregon,

Diane and Orville F.

Thanks so much for facilitating the quick exchange related to my error in my diverter order.
Attached are two photos of my second barrel.
We’re showing them off to friends, relatives and neighbors. Several are interested.
Again, I used one can of spray paint for barrel and overflow tube.
Thanks, Ralph
rain barrel customer installed

Hello Barry
Here are pictures of the diverter. Works 100%. Had rain last night.
Thanks again
Bob T
downspout diverter customer installed

Hi Barry:

Thanks for the great emails. First and foremost we really liked your commitment to green living as evidenced in your product but also your non profit affiliation. Your design is also wonderful. We are avidgardeners and with the inevitable hotter, drier summers in east Tennessee (no one has to convince us of global warming!) we wanted to invest in products that would keep our flowers looking great without using metered/treated water unnecessarily. Your design, however, will not only keep the barrel bug free but will also make it easy to attach a garden hose, etc. We really liked that. Your short video on the overflow was also very convincing, indeed.

You guys are great! Gerald L., The Villages, FL
rain barrel installed by customer in FL

Every once in awhile, something happens that renews my faith in humanity. Such was the case with your visit today. I think you could tell from my interest that you could have easily sold me one or two rain boxes (with all the fixin's) at the drop of a hat; however, your willingness to help me see the bigger picture of our water diversion, collection, problems and possibilities, in lieu of a quick sale, was surprising in this day and age------and very much appreciated.
Thank you for your time and ideas. I was impressed with your vision, knowledge, professional, friendly approach and product, and look forward to buying some of your rain boxes at the final step. Trust me, I'll be in touch when that time comes...

Best wishes with your business,

[Silver Spring, MD]
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