Aquabarrel(R) - Aquabarrel Rain Barrel: Divert rain water Overflow Port in Action -

Watch this Aquabarrel® Overflow Port
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... or you'll hate yourself later.

LEARN: How much water comes out the overflow port during a typical downspout. It's amazing!

Every rain barrel needs an overflow port to keep the water from backing up through the intake opening and running down the side of the barrel when the rain barrel is full. The large Overflow Port on the Aquabarrel® is equal in capacity to the intake port.

It took only minutes for this barrel to fill to capacity, yet the Overflow Port was easily able to handle the deluge of water and direct it away from the house.

Many other rain barrels use a 1-inch garden hose for overflow—no match for Aquabarrel's beefy, 3.5-inch Overflow Port. Can you imagine the same volume of rain, unable to pass through a hole a fraction of this size, gushing out the top and flooding your home's foundation?

Overflow capacity is one of the ways that Aquabarrel's design makes it simply the best rain collecting and storage device available.

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Need a Larger Overflow Port?
Do you already have a disfunctional rain barrel?
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Need a Flexible Downspout Pipe?
Don't forget the flexible downspout pipe that easily connects to the overflow port!

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