ABS Plastic Bulkhead Fittings

We currently offer a variety of different size bulkhead fittings.

Round Downspout Seasonal Diverter

Bulkhead Fittings

Made from tough ABS plastic.

Only available in black with these inner diameter sizes:
  • .5 inch
  • .75inch
  • 1 inch
  • 1.5 inch
  • 2 inch
In - Line Downspout Diverter Kit for Round Downspouts

All bulkhead fittings are threaded on the inside of both ends. In bulkhead lingo this is referred to as 'thread x thread'.

All Bulkhead fittings come with a single washer.

One of the most common questions is "So if the interior of the bulkhead is the size of the pipe I'll be screwing into it, then what size hole do I need to have?":

  • .5 inch
  • .75inch - 1.25"
  • 1 inch - 1.75
  • 1.5 inch - 2.375
  • 2 inch - 2.75

Made in the USA

Bulkhead Fitting

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