Turn your kitchen scraps into compost in just days and begin the harvest of Soldier Grubs in just a few weeks.

Aquabarrel offers you the chance to really reduce the amount of garbage you are sending to the landfill. The BioPod Plus uses Soldier Grubs to consume your table scraps.

You can even set one up to take care of pet waste.

BioPod Composter
BioPod Composter
BioPod Plus Composter Internal View
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BioPod Plus, Soldier Grub Composter

While many compost bins can take 6-12 months to break down their contents, the BioPod Plus — Soldier Grub Composter, can eliminate most of your food scraps in as little as 24-36 hours. Like composting and vermiculture, the BioPod Plus uses beneficial grubs to digest and decompose your kitchen waste, while producing valuable finished products. View the complete 1Mb BioPod Plus Manual as a .pdf file Order yours now — grubs not included.

BioPod Composter - Grubs NOT included

Breakthrough Technology

The new residential BioPod Plus is the latest technology to hit the home composting market. Over 8 years of R&D, combined with thorough testing on 3 different continents, has produced the first commercially available system.

Super Fast Composting

While many compost bins can take 6-12 months to break down their contents, the BioPod Plus can eliminate most of your food scraps in as little as 24-36 hours. Like composting and vermiculture, the BioPod Plus uses beneficial grubs to digest and decompose your kitchen waste, while producing valuable finished products.

Grub Composting
The specific bioconversion process by which valuable proteins and fats are captured and recycled, rather than degraded, into usable biomass by a beneficial decomposer is referred to as Grub Composting. The signature species utilized in the BioPod Plus system is the juvenile Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens, which we lovingly call Solider Grubs. Virtually harmless to pets, humans and wildlife, this native arthropod does not spread disease, cannot bite or sting, and will not annoy you at backyard picnics!

Valuable Finished Products
A working BioPod Plus can easily handle the daily food scraps produced by a large family, up to 4 to 5 lbs per day. It can even digest pet feces. For every 100 lbs of kitchen scraps you will get 5 lbs of friable compost, a few quarts of nutritious compost tea, and approx. 15 to 20 lbs of self-harvesting grubs - which can be used for feeding your fish, snakes, lizards, chickens, and birds. If you do not have a use for the grubs then let them mature and fly away. They will likely add to the insect population for birds, frogs, bats to consume in your area.

Compliments Existing Compost & Worm Bins

The BioPod Plus is not designed for yard waste, but it will keep the critters out of your compost bin by diverting all the food scraps away from your pile of temptation. The friable compost, though relatively small in quantity, will serve as the perfect worm food, and allow you to make vermicompost faster than you ever thought possible!

Solider Grubs take between 2 weeks and 4 months to mature in warm weather. Cold weather and food shortages can very that process, but Solider Grubs will give about 2 weeks of work before it morphs into an adult. Adult Soldier Flies live for about 7 days and do not bite. They don't even have mouth parts! You don't have to order Soldier Flies in some parts of the country. They're a native species that will come and go from your BioPod Plus without affecting the local environment.

You must work with Mother Nature and provide a comfortable temperature for the grubs to be able to live in your BioPod Plus.This might mean making sure it is in full shade to keep the internal temperature low during the summer months and perhaps a bit of sun in the cooler months.

The grubs are self-harvesting. As they mature they will seek a new location to morph into winged Soldier Flies. A steady stream of grubs will find the ramp and crawl up the built in ramp. When they reach the top of the ramp they will fall into the catch container.

The BioPod Plus is a Polyethylene, roto-molded, UV-stabilized, fully recyclable container.

  • Volume of BioPod Plus: 10 gallons / 38 liters
  • Catchment Container: 2 gallons
  • Weight: 12lbs empty
  • Measures: 26.5" long x 15.5" wide x 15.5" tall
  • Opening into BioPod Plus: 9" round top ventilation portal
  • Drain Tea: through the bottom port. Advanced drainage system is designed to help prevent anaerobic conditions, mitigating foul odors
  • Made in the USA

What is in the box:
  • 1 body,
  • 1 main lid kit,
  • 1 drain pad,
  • 1 drain pad support plate,
  • 1 catchment container,
  • 1 external drainage connector

Please note the BioPod Plus does not include any grubs. Soldier flies will naturally be attracted to your compost bin and will lay their eggs to get the process started. If you live in an area where the Soldier fly does not live, then this composter will Not Work without your intervention.

It is possible to order Solider Grubs on line.

Native ranges of BSF are climate zones 7 or higher. Black Soldier Fly may be present in zone 5 and 6, it is not as common or widespread. Dryer regions of the country may have few if any Black Soldier Fly present due to food availability. Consult an entomology department at a nearby university for more information. Here is a USDA map so you can see the Climate Zones.

More interesting information:

Unlike filth flies whose egg clusters can be found on food scraps, Black Soldier Fly eggs are laid adjacent or some distance from the actual food source.
The Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) has a worldwide distribution in the tropics and warm temperate regions. It is considered a native of the North American continent, and can be found in many parts of the United States. It is exceptionally active in the Southeastern States from April to November. Soldier Grubs are considered beneficial scavengers in nature, and help to digest and recycle decomposing organic material including carrion, manure, fruits, and decaying plant waste. This species can also be found inhabiting beehives. Their association to humanity is limited to compost piles, facilities producing manure, and poorly serviced toilets that contain biosolids. Unlike the common house fly or fruit fly, they are not commonly found in association with humanity (picnics, kitchens, residential buildings, etc.). The larvae are preyed upon by histerid beetles, sphecid wasps, and certain varieties of birds.

Common names include: Privy Flies (associated with outhouses), Meal Maggots (fly fisherman), Soldier Grubs, Compost Grubs, Meal Grubs, BSF Grubs, Bio Grubs and Phoenix Worms.
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