4" Landscape Pipe by FLEX-Drain®

The perfect landscaping drain pipe. Slips over the Aquabarrel's overflow port and can be stretched, flexed and expanded to fit nearly every installation application.

Flex-Drain 4 inch landscape pipe

Solid FLEX-Drain®
Available in 8' length

Made from polypropylene.

A solid but flexible pipe, appropriate in applications that involve moving water from one point to another (i.e. away from downspouts). Does not allow water to seep in or out anywhere except pipe ends.

complete install with landscape pipe
Here are a couple of installations having used the FLEX-Drain® 4" landscape pipe on the over flow of the Aquabarrel rain barrel.

Now it's easier than ever to get that overflow away from the Aquabarrel rain barrel.

The landscape pipe slips onto the Aquabarrel's overflow port. In tight locations you can bend this FLEX-Drain® and can now make a 90degree turn straight down and then another at ground level.

complete install with landscape pipe

  • Quickly and easily expands
  • Curves, bends and holds its shape
  • Easily work around obstacles
  • Light weight
  • Connects to traditional landscape 4" pipes and fittings
complete install with landscape pipe

Although a bit hard to make out on this bottom image; a "T" shaped coupler was used just in front of the barrel. So in the winter time the downspout diverter sends the water straight down the downspout and it travels under the Aquabarrel rain barrel and is directed away from the foundation.

In the Spring, the divert lever is moved and the rain water now heads to the barrel. When the barrel is full the water overflows through the overlow port and water heads to the intersection created by the "T" fitting. Rain water now travels the same path as the winter flow and away from the foundation and out to the rain garden.

Downspout 4" Flex-Drain

Made in the USA
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