Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet for clog free gutters

Allow the water in the gutter to drain faster and keep your gutters clog free with a drain outlet that is many times larger then the typical gutter drop outlet. This gutter to downspout water funnel outlet requires only one screw in the front. There will be NO raised lip inside of the gutter's bottom to restrict the water or debris from entering the downspout. A very low tech idea that solves 2 very important issues - residual water in the gutter and debris that gets caught on the raised lip of the traditional drop outlet.

***We did a slight redesign to the back plate of the Big Mouth to make it even easier to install! The folded over lip at the top has been removed. Now the back slips right up the backside of the gutter. While it is possible that the BigMouth is secure in this way, we highly suggest you place a screw as high as you can to pierce the back of the gutter, through the Big Mouth and into the facia board your gutters are attached to.

You paid good money to have those gutters installed and most of the time they are holding back water and debris. Increase the volume of water and the amount of debris that leave your gutters with this wide mouth downspout outlet funnel.

Once apon a time ago we found a product very similar to this one. It's made of plastic. If you were not very careful when you installed it they cracked. (Click here to see what happens to the plastic ones) When the plastic funnels are installed correctly there are 4 screws poking up into the gutter bottom. Now you have four places for the debris to get caught on as it tries to get past the screws. IF the installer did not use a good sealant the 4 screws rust and then the water drips through the bottom of the gutter tray at those four locations.

Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet made from .030 low gloss white aluminum

Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet

  • Two sizes to choose from:
         5" K gutter
         6" K gutter
  • Made from .030 aluminum
  • Low gloss white is stock
  • Can be primed and painted.
Don't forget the downspout straps.
How the Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet Works bottom view This image shows how the gutter has been cut and dog ears created. This outlet does take a couple of minutes to install. Now the water (and debris) have nothing to hinder it as it evacuates right down the downspout!
How the Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet Works top down view Big Mouth gutter outlet seen from the top down. Nearly 6inches wide and nothing to impede water flow! You can also see how the gutter has been cut and the tabs are bent down into the Big Mouth Wide Mouth gutter outlet.

5 inch K gutters have a flat bottom that measure about 3.5 inches front to back.

***We have made two changes to the design.

We have removed the curled over top. It is now flat making it easier to slide up behind the back of the gutter.
Second: the width has been increased to 5.75in

6 inch style K gutters are just shy of 4 inches front to back.
How the Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet Works front view You can see how the front lip hugs the gutters bottom tray. Place one screw in the front to insure it is secure. Place a screw through the back near the top to secure it too.
How the Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet Works rear view Big Mouth gutter outlet hangs about 3 inches below the gutter tray. One size fits both 2x3 and 3x4.
How the Big Mouth, Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet Works trim to fit the 3x4 downspout One size fits both 2x3 and 3x4. In order to increase the size of the bottom opening so it will properly fit a 3x4 downspout pipe, simply use a tin snip and cut the big mouth so the bottom tabs are longer. You can now bend the metal out to meet the inside of the downspout

Wide Mouth Outlet - Choose Gutter Size

Made in North America
Installers, discounts start at 50 units
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