Off-Set Downspout Diverter

Place the rain barrel to the left or right of the downspout with an Off-Set Downspout Diverter.

  • "Y" downspout diverter
  • Style "A" elbow
  • Style "B" elbow
  • Zig-zag leg extension
  • Two sizes to choose from:
         2"x3" or 3"x4"
video about downspout diverter
Watch the video
about Downspout Diverters.

Downspout diverters allow you to manually redirect the flow of water. Just a flip of the lever sends the rainwater down one side or the other.

downspout diverter offset

Downspout Offset Diverter

This downspout diverter allows you to place your rain barrel to the left or right of the downspout. This is a common occurrence when landscaping material or shrubbery is directly in front of the downspout or perhaps a long run is needed to get to the barrel.

down spout diverter exploded view

Downspout Parts shipped as a packaged group of four pieces. Yes, may install as a left or right as all parts are interchangable.

  • "Y" downspout diverter
  • Style A elbow
  • Style B elbow
  • Zig-zag leg extension

Color options (click to see larger image)
Color chart for downspout diverters

Off-Set Downspout Diverters (2"x3" and 3"x4")

Download Instruction Sheet
Inline Diverter and Offset Diverter

Made in the USA

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