Downspout Diverter for 3 and 4 inch Round Copper Downspouts

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Copper Downspout diverters allow you to manually redirect the flow of water. Just a flip of the lever sends the rainwater down one side or the other.

Round Downspout Seasonal Diverter

Off-Set Downspout Diverter Kit for Round Downspouts

All four round downspout diverter pieces are designed to fit together.

With the two elbows you can turn the first elbow to head off to the left, right, straight or any other direction. It can be placed at nearly position because it is round so just rotate it to where it works best for your rain barrel installation. Use the second round downspout elbow to point down and dump all the water onto the top of the containment vessel / rain barrel / cistern.

Yes, the round downspout elbows and zigzag leg can be on either side of the copper downspout diverter.

In - Line Downspout Diverter Kit for Round Downspouts

In-Line Downspout Diverter Kit for Round Downspouts

This downspout diverter kit includes just one elbow. Rotate the round elbow to any position that works best for your installation.
4 inch Round Y Downspout Diverter for Rain Barrels

"Y" Downspout Diverter - Splitter ONLY

  • Real Copper!
  • Only the "Y" is provided.
  • 3" Round (10inches tall x 8.25inches wide)
  • 4" Round (12.75inches tall x 10.5inches wide)

Made in the USA

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