Downspout Filter - Downspout filter Leaf Beater by Rain Harvesting Australia

Leaves are kept from continuing down the downspout as they land on the angled screen and are washed off the front of the downspout filter.

Leaf Beater Downspout Filter - Key Features

  • Downspout filter installed along the route of your downspout / downpipe.
  • Debris sheds off the front of the unit
  • Single screen with a fine micro screen to prevent mosquitoes and vermin from entering the pipe system or rainwater tank/cistern
  • Available with bottom outlets:
    3" round, 4" round
  • Lead Free PVC
  • Can be Painted
  • Measures about 7" deep x 7.5" across x 11" tall
LeafBeater Downspout Filter from RainHarvesting Australia

This basic open faced downspout filter unit utilizes a fine micro screen to stop large debris.

Available in:
  • 3 inch round outlet with upgraded
  • 4 inch round outlet

The top angled screen permits debris to shed off the front of the unit and still allow rain water to flow down the downspout.

LeafBeater Downspout Replacement Filter from RainHarvesting of Australia
If you have the original Leaf Beater you can remove the two screens and replace them with this single micro screen. If you are ordering the Leaf Beater for the first time it is already outfitted with this new screen.

Downspout Filter, Leaf Beater

Choose your Leaf Beater's outflow size:

This design permits leaves and debris to exit the downspout and it may have a 'splash factor'. You still have to ensure that the leaves and gutter waste are removed for this unit to work effectively.

One installation method has the top of the unit as close as possible to the gutter at the roof line. For ease of cleaning we suggest installation at eye level.

The bottom of the downspout filter slips inside the section of downspout that continues towards the ground.

Review manufacturer Spec Sheets

Another short video about the RainHarvesting Downspout Filter LeafBeater on YouTube

This downspout filter is manufactured in Australia by Rain Harvesting using lead-free PVC.

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