Downspout Filter - Downspout filter Leaf Eater by Rain Harvesting Australia

Leaves and other particulates are kept from continuing down the downspout with these larger filter units. Debris is washed off the face of the mosquito proof stainless steel screen.

Leaf Eater Downspout Filter - Key Features:

  • Models available in Covered or Uncovered configurations
  • Top inflow inlet accepts all four common sizes of downpipes:
    2"x3" & 3"x4" and 3" & 4" rounds.
  • Bottom outflow PVC pipe connector available to fit:
    3" or 4" round
    2"x3" & 3"x4"
  • Install these units and connect them to your
    First Flush Rain Water Diverter.
  • Screens are removable for servicing.
  • Made from Lead Free PVC
  • Can be Painted

Video: LeafEater Downspout Filter (480 x 270)

Video Viewing Formats Available:

Downspout Filter, Leaf Eater Models:

Choose from an open face design of the Leaf Eater Advanced or the hooded design of the Leaf Eater Ultra

Choose Between:

The Ultra
Covered - Less Splash Over
The Advanced
Uncovered - Less Congestion
Leaf Eater Ultra Downspout Rain Head Filter
Leaf Eater Advanced Downspout Rain Head filter
Download the spec sheet for the
Leaf Eater Ultra
Download the spec sheet for the
Leaf Eater Advanced
Leaf Eater Ultra Downspout Filter from Australia
Leaf Eater Ultra Downspout Filter from Australia
LeafEater Advanced Rain Head downspout filter typical installation
The Leaf Eater Ultra has a cover plate / shield over the screen.

The Leaf Eater Ultra has less water spalshing out due to the design of the hinged cover plate and raised finger like projections. These projections keep the large debris from settling on the face of the screen.
The above image is a typical Leaf Eater Downspout Fliter installation. Note that the downspout / downpipe is cut off to allow the debris to fall onto the screen.

All open faced downspout filters will have 'splash factor'. In other words some of the rain will hit the screen and splash out.

Inflow / Top Connection

The both the top of the cover plate of the Ultra and the top of the Advanced is designed to accept the four most common sizes of downpipe:

2"x3" and/or 3"x4" rectangulars, and 3" and/or 4" rounds.

Here is an image of the top cover plate for the LeafEater Ultra
Top down view of the LeafEater downspout filter

Outflow / Bottom Connection

While the top inlet of the Leaf Eater downspout filters can accommodate a variety of sizes, the bottom outlet of these two downspout filters are designed to connect into either a 3" or 4" diameter Schedule 40 PVC downpipe.

If you have 2x3 or 3"x4" downspout downpipe, the Leaf Eater will come with an bottom outlet adapter that will fit either size.

The outflow port can be optionally be directed down or perpendicular to the down flow.

Shopping Cart Options:

LeafEater Advanced: Choose downspout size:

LeafEeater Ultra Downspout Debris Filter - Choose downspout size

LeafEater Advanced Replacement Screen

LeafEater Advanced Replacement Screen

Use standard Schedule 40 PVC parts to connect this downspout filter to a First Flush Diverter.

Servicing Note: From time to time, you will still need to ensure that any trapped leaves or gutter waste in the unit is removed for these units to work effectively.

This downspout filter is manufactured by Rain Harvesting of Australia using lead-free PVC.
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