Wall Mounted First Flush Rain Water Diverter Kit

If you have a large surface area to collect from, you will want a larger capacity diverter.

First Flush Water Diverters improve water quality, reduce tank maintenance and protect pumps by minimizing the first flush of water, which may contain contaminants from the roof, from enteringthe tank.

Instead of flowing to the water tank, pollutants are diverted with the initial flow of water into the chamber of the water diverter. The first flush water diverters utilize a dependable ball and seat system - a simple automatic system that does not rely on mechanical parts or manual intervention. As the water level rises in the diverter chamber the ball floats, and once the chamber if full, the ball rests on a seat inside the diverter chamber preventing any further water entering the diverter. The subsequent flow of water is then automatically directed to the collection tank.

The inlet and outlet on the end caps are 3 inch schedule 40 pipe.

Free standing - post mounted First Flush Water Diverter Kit Wall mounted First Flush rain water diverter
image of line drawing of wall and post mounted first flush rain water diverters

1. In-feed from the roof; 2. Tee Junction; 3. To the tank; 4. Pipe Bracket; 5. Chamber Inlet; 6. Ball Seat; 7. Sealing Ball; 8. Diverter Chamber; 9. Filter Screen; 10. Wall/Post Bracket; 11. Chamber Outlet; 12. Screw Cap with O’Ring Seal; 13. Flow Control Valve; 14. Hose Connection; 16. Optional Stand (not currently available in USA)

So how much water am I supposed to divert?

Minimal Pollution (Open fields, no trees, no bird droppings, clean environment)
1 pint per 10 square feet
Substantial Pollution (Leaves, pollen and debris, bird droppings, insects [dead and alive])
1/2 gallon per 10 square feet

Spec sheet for post / wall mounted first flush rain water diverter

Post / Wall Water Diverter, 12 inch

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