Downspout Filter - SlimLine

Tired of clogged underground landscape pipes or damaged mesh filters on the top of your rain barrel?

Keep leaves and other large debris from entering or landing on the top of your rain barrel and clogging up your fine screen mesh with an Aquabarrel SlimLine Downspout Filter.

Remove the debris from your downspout before it becomes a problem for your rain barrel or underground pipes!

Buy an Aquabarrel® SlimLine Downspout Filter!

Features and Benefits:
  • Downspout filters are installed in-line on your downspouts where you can reach them.
  • Catches debris larger than 1/8".
  • Removable sturdy aluminum basket.
  • Great for filtering downspouts that empty into rain barrels, water containment systems or underground drainage systems.
  • No screens to get damaged or need replacing.
  • 3" x 4" and 4" x 5" body stand about 13.25" tall
NOTE: Only Available in Low Gloss White and Royal Brown. Email us for custom color orders of at least 50 downspout filters.
Downspout Filter - SlimLine - Manual Clean Out - Example Pictures

SlimLine Downspout Filter Ribbed Body with lift out basket
3x4 body for the perfect match to your 3x4 downspout, both top and bottom!
Downspout Filter Slim Line
If you have 2x3 downspouts your Slim Line Downspout Filter will look like this image

We use the 3x4 body and install a reducer on the top and bottom so it will fit a 2x3 downspout

In the drop down menu please select the 2x3 size. You will get the 3x4 body with the 2x3 adapters factory installed.
Downspout Filter Slim Line
Looking at the bottom of the 3x4 body with factory installed reducer. This bottom adapter slides down inside of your 2x3 downspout

Downspout Filter Slim Line

4x5 body for the largest size downspout!

Downspout Filter Slim Line

Looking top down.

5" 5/16" inside width

Downspout Filter Slim Line

Looking top down.

4" front to back.
The 'fins' are forcing the water towards the center

Easy Installation
  • Cut your downspout (we suggest they be installed at about eye level or at the very least where you can reach them without a ladder) and insert the downspout into the top of the Slim Line Downspout Filter. Be careful not to push the downspout down so far into the body of the downspout filter that you are not able to remove the filter basket!
  • Measure from the bottom of the Slim Line Downspout Filter to the ground plus one inch and trim the bottom downspout section to that length.
  • Insert bottom of Slim Line Downspout Filter into trimmed downspout section.
  • To secure the downspout filter to the wall; remove the basket; use an appropriate screw size and style and screw right through the back of unit and in to the wall. Make sure your existing downspout is secure to the wall too with downspout straps.

Do your downspouts empty into a landscape pipe or underground drain? Here is a simple solution to collect leaves and large debris and keep them from clogging your underground drainage pipes. Aquabarrel® downspout filters are manufactured from the same high quality aluminum that your downspouts and gutters are made from. The 1/8" diameter holes allow for rain water to flow through while trapping larger downspout clogging leaves and debris.

Are the sticks and leaves exiting the downspout damaging your rain barrel screens? Use a downspout filter to collect the large debris before it can get to your rain barrel and destroy your rain barrel screens. Aquabarrel® designed rain barrels benefit from having this downspout filter in place to minimize debris entering the rain barrel.

Clean as often as necessary to minimize build up and clogging.

Buy an Aquabarrel® SlimLine Downspout Filter!

Choose your downspout Size and Color

SlimLine Downspout Filter Replacement Parts

Made by hand, one at a time, in North America

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