Cistern Filter - Maelstrom

This cistern filter unit comes to us from our friends 'Down Under'

Maelstrom Cistern Filter by Rain Harvesting AU

maeilstrom installed on top of cisternMaelstrom cistern filter from RainHarvesting AU

  • Blocks out light to reduce algae growth potential when installed on top of tank
  • A single point, tank-top filter with a unique U-shaped design
  • Able to be installed in a variety of locations
  • Four inch inlet, four inch outlet, four inch overflow, complete with flexible rubber couplers
  • The 180 micron filter screen filters particulates five times smaller than is achieved with standard tank screens
  • Self-flushing - decreases the amount of times to be serviced
  • Decrease frequency and cost of tank cleaning by minimizing sediment accumulation in the tank
Maelstrom Cistern Filter Install Guide .pdf

Maelstrom Cistern Filter Brochure .pdf

Maelstrom Cistern Filter

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