Multifunctional Downspout Devices

Clean Rain(TM) Ultra

Clean Rain downspout diverter filter switch all-in-one swivel

Clean Rain Ultra downspout diverter filter switch all-in-one

Aquabarrel has your Downspout / Downpipe Solution(s):

Get cleaner water from the downspout or downpipe to a rain barrel, cistern, or storage container with just this one product.

Key Multifunctional Downspout Device Functions

There are several key functions to look for in connecting your downspout or downpipe to your water storage device to make a Complete Rain Water Harvesting System. Click "Details" to toggle the display of a table of why each key function is important. (Details [Show/Hide])

Key Functions:

  • Large Debris Filtering
  • First Flush Filtering
  • Diverting with Overflow Protection
  • Cut Off Switch Seasonal Diverting
  • Your Choice of 4 Downspout Connector Sizes
  • Inline and/or Offset Options
  • Protection from Animals and Insects
  • Aesthetically Clean Installation

Multifunctional Downspout Devices

Ideal for both rainwater storage (rainwater tanks, cisterns, rain barrels, and other storage devices) and outdoor applications (yard, gardens, trees, ponds, lawns, etc.).

Combined Downspout Solution Kit - Clean Rain Ultra.

Clean Rain Ultra downspout diverter filter switch all-in-one
Clean Rain Ultra downspout diverter filter switch all-in-one

Clean Rain Ultra

  • The premium choice for quality rainwater
  • Break through Rain Head and First Flush Diverter technology in one easy to install product
  • Cutting edge Rain Head technology uses the rainwater’s force to deflect leaves and debris off the screen. (Hydro Activated FiltrationTM technology)
  • A unique sleek cover and cap provides a stylish, integrated look
  • The large Leaf Slide deflects debris away from the screen
  • Compact inline First Flush Diverter diverts the first flush of rainwater containing contaminants from the roof away from your rain harvesting container – no additional chamber required (Smart Sense technology)
  • Minimal maintenance
  • The Clean Rain Body swivels for convenient outlet positioning, hose connections are: standard garden, 1” Sump and 1 1⁄2” pool hoses and 3” pipe
  • Multi-fit inlet cap and downspout outlet adaptors – 2x3" and 3x4", 3" and 4"
  • Easily accessible on/off switch, with a safety overflow to drain

Clean Rain Ultra

  • 1. How does the Clean Rain ʻSmart Senseʼ work?
    The device works through a series of hygroscopic washers. These washers slowly expand when exposed to water and in turn activate the valve by pushing it upwards into the seat. Water is then diverted to the outlet.

  • 2. Why should I divert the ʻfirst flushʼ of water?
    First flush diverters improve water quality, reduce tank maintenance and protect pumps by preventing the first flush of water, which may contain contaminants from the roof, from entering the tank.

  • 3. How much water gets diverted?
    Approximately 5-8 gallons (18-30 Litres) will be diverted depending upon a variety of factors. The main factors are flow rate and the period of time since the last downfall. However, several other factors such as rainfall intensity, ambient temperature, humidity and wind will all affect the exact amount of diversion.

  • 4. Can I adjust the diversion?
    We do not recommend adjusting the amount of diversion. The hygroscopic washers divert an appropriate amount of first flush based on the local environmental factors. If however you still wish to adjust the diversion then it can be done. If you require a longer diversion loosening the nut on the bottom of the stainless steel until it is at the bottom of the shaft will do this. To decrease the diversion firstly check that the nut on the bottom of the shaft has been tightened as far as it will go. If the nut cannot be tightened any further then the foam shroud that surrounds the washers may be taken off. Please note that by removing the foam shroud the re-setting period will also be shortened. Alternatively we can send out extra washers to be manually added to the existing stack which will also aid in decreasing the diversion.

  • 5. My unit seems to be taking a long time to divert water to my tank, why? If the system is new it will most likely be due to the washers requiring several rainfalls to properly bed in. For the first few rainfalls the washers will divert more first flush than normal. After several rainfalls the washers will be properly bedded and delivering consistent amounts of diversion. If the unit is still taking too long to divert then an adjustment to the diversion may be performed, see ʻCan I adjust the diversion?ʼ.

  • 6. I want to save all the water and not divert any first flush, is this possible?
    The Clean Rain first flush cannot be turned off. The Rain Gate water diverter as well as a suitable rain head (like the Leaf Eater Ultra) will divert all of the water without any first flush.

  • 7. Why does the unit bleed water through the valve when activated?
    To prevent any possibility of the system holding water the valve will bleed water when activated. This is because still water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes as well being responsible for expanding and breaking surrounding containers in freezing conditions. During extremely light rainfalls no water may be diverted to the tank due to the valve bleed holes.

  • 8. How long does it take to re-set? The re-setting process is dependant upon a number of environmental factors. Ambient temperature, humidity, wind and location are all major factors in determining the re-setting period. Under dry conditions with a moderate temperature, wind and humidity, the Clean Rain should completely re-set within 24-72 hours

  • 9. Can I change the re-setting period?
    The easiest way to alter the re-setting period is with the breather holes located in the section underneath the outlet (long horizontal indentations with small holes). To shorten the re-set periods align the breather holes with any prevailing wind. To prolong the re-set simply turn the breather holes 90degrees to the prevailing wind. An alternative way to shorten the re-set period is to remove foam shroud surrounding the washers. It should be noted that by by removing the foam shroud the diversion amount will also be decreased.

  • 10. My Clean Rain is not re-setting, why?
    The Clean Rain uses a series of hygroscopic washers that expand when exposed to water. Rain, snow, mist, frost and dew can all activate the washers and interrupt the re-setting period. Condensation on certain roofing materials may also affect the re-set period as will a damp or highly humid location that does not receive much wind or sun.

  • 11. I switched my unit off and canʼt turn it back on, why?
    If the Clean Rain has been turned off it will not be able to be turned back on again until the hygroscopic washers are dry and the system re-set. Frost, snow, mist and dew can all activate the hygroscopic washers so a few days where none of these are present will be required before attempting to turn the unit back on. If this is not possible then removing the unit and storing it in a dry environment for 1-2 days should suffice for the unit to be switched on again.

  • 12. Is the Clean Rain capable of handling freezing conditions?
    The Clean Rain is constructed of materials capable of withstanding freezing conditions. If freezing conditions are expected we recommend to turn the Clean Rain off via the switch and to ensure that the cover is in place on the Clean Rain Ultra model.

  • 13. How do I connect 3" Schedule 40 pipe to the outlet?
    There are two different ways to attach 3" Schedule 40 pipe:
    1. Removable Connection: Remove the dual outlet cap by giving it a firm twist then slide the 3" schedule 40 pipe over the outlet and o-ring. Please ensure that the pipe is pushed hard into place to ensure a secure connection.
    2. Permanent Connection: Remove the dual outlet cap by giving it a firm twist. Remove and discard the blue mosquito proof barrier and black o-ring located on the outlet. Check the fitment by sliding the 3" Schedule 40 pipe over the outlet (a light sand may be required). Prime both the outlet and pipe before gluing in place.

  • 14. How do I connect 90mm Pipe to the outlet?
    To connect 90mm pipe to the Clean Rain system firstly remove the dual outlet cap by giving it a firm twist. Cut the front off the dual outlet cap off by cutting through the indented section near the front of the cap. Remove and discard the blue mosquito proof barrier and black o-ring from the outlet. Prime the outlet and back section of the dual outlet cap before gluing it back in place. Prime the 90mm pipe and outside of the dual outlet cap that is glued over the outlet before gluing the pipe in place over the cap.

  • 15. There is 4" and 100mm connections yet only a 3" and 90mm outlet, how will the system handle a full-bore 4" or 100mm incoming flow?
    The Clean Rain system has been optimized for 3" and 90mm pipe. Although the system will accommodate 4" and 100mm pipe it will not be able to deliver 100% diversion should a full-bore flow event happen. Rain Harvesting are currently working on developing a system capable of handling a fullbore 4" or 100mm pipe flow.

  • 16. Will I need to replace my hygroscopic washers?
    The hygroscopic washers within the Clean Rain have a long service and should not require replacement. However, should you notice decreased amounts of first flush or increasingly longer re-set periods then your washers may require replacement. Please contact Aquabarrel for a full replacement set.

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