Rain Barrel Overflow Port

Your rain barrel overflow during an average rain storm?

Install the Aquabarrel Overflow Port and safely direct the overflow away from your home.

No one understands your need for a larger rain barrel overflow port like the folks at Aquabarrel.

We know what it's like to have rain water overflowing off the top of a poorly designed rain barrel.

Install our HUGE multi-part overflow port. You will need to make a hole that is 3.5" to accomodate the new fitting we will send you.

Requires a minimum 4.125" hole in the top of barrel for installation of retaining ring inside the barrel.
Rain barrel overflow port in action
Click the image to view the overflow port in action.

Downspouts can easily dump more water into your rain barrel then they can hold. To calculate the amont of rain water coming down the downspout use this rain water volume calculator.

Overflow port for Rain Barrels

Overflow Port for Rain Barrels

  • White Overflow Port
  • Retaining Ring

Overflow Port for Rain Barrels

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