90° Bend Hi-Level Cistern Overflow Outlets

Add several inches of water inside the tank before the water overflows

Available to fit 3 inch and 4 inch schedule 40 PVC

Aquabarrel sells Rain Harvesting's Tank Overflow Outlets for flat wall and corrugated tanks. Mozzie Stoppa™ Flap Valves and Screens can fit directly into these outlets to insect proof the rainwater tank.

The High Level Flanged Tank Overflow Outlets are ideal for flat wall tanks (especially poly tanks) and will add several inches of water to the tank before overflowing.

90° Bend High Level Flanged Tank Overflow Outlet 100mm's "ripple geometry" comb allows the speed of the overflowing rainwater to be maximized. The combed circumference "breaks" the water surface and generates a higher outflow. Ideal for high rainfall events.

Note: The diameter of the overflow must be equal to or larger than the diameter of the inlet pipe.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lead free PVC
  • Low maintenance
  • Flanged outlet has pre-moulded holes for fixing
  • High level flanged outlet will add approximately 120mm of water to the tank before overflowing
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flat Wall and Corrugated Overflow Outlets can be fitted with Mozzie Stoppa™ Hi-Flow Flap Valves and Screens to insect proof the tank.
Installation Instructions:

Drill appropriate size hole in the side of the tank. Insert Tank Outlet through the hole with gasket in place. Line up holes in gasket with holes in flange. Use the supplied screws to secure in place. You will find a Mossie screen and an adapter for US sizes pipe (this product is manufactured in Austrailia in metric) to complete the installation of the overflow outlet.
Cistern overflow tank outlet for 3inch cisterns

Cistern Overflow tank outlet for 3 inch cisterns

We have been contacted by many folks that have seen several videos featuring this flanged overlow outlet for use in making a chicken feeder. One of the better how to is on YouTube by Rob Bob

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