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Rain water travels down the downspout and continues underground through the 4 inch landscape pipe into the DRAINBOX®.

Rain water enters DRAINBOX® and seeps out the bottom holes.
  • No unsightly drain pipes
  • Flush mount for mowing ease
  • Discharges water evenly for erosion control
  • Easy installation
  • Top of box is 5.25" x 6.25" x 7.75" tall
  • 4" Landscape pipe fits into the hole in the side of the box

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Drip Hose

Drip Hose

Weeping Hose for Rain Barrels

Regular drip irrigation hose requires a minimum of 2 PSI to function. NOT this drip hose! It is designed for NO pressure systems like gravity fed rain barrels.

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Flexible Landscape Pipe

Flexible Landscape Pipe

The perfect 4" landscaping drain pipe. Slips over the Aquabarrel's overflow port and can be stretched, flexed and expanded to fit nearly every installation application. Also works well with the Drainbox above.

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Flex A Spout

Flexible Pipe to Barrel

Use this flexible pipe to connect your downspout to the top of any rain barrel inlet.
  • Flexible White Plastic Pipe
  • 25" expands to 50"
  • 2"x3" end slips over downspout. The other end, 3"x4", fits
    into the downspout adapter on the top of the Aquabarrel rain barrel.

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Shut Off Ball Valve

Hose Shut Off Valve

Garden Hose Shut Off Ball Valve - Full Flow
  • Nylon - can not rust!
  • 45% more water flows through this ball valve
  • Maximum water flowing out of the rain barrel
  • Less chance of debris getting caught in the full flow ball valve
  • Single shut-off valve controls water flow through the ball valve
  • Extra large handle for easy grip and turn
  • Easy-on swivel connector

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4 inch Louvered Vent

Louvered Vent, 4 inch

A 4 inch, screened, fixed louver, winter vent adapter for the hole in the top of the rain barrel during the off season.

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6 inch Double Screen Soffit Vent or Rain Barrel Water Inlet

6 inch Double Screen Vent or
Rain Barrel Water Inlet

This modified 6 inch soffit vent is the ideal solution for creating your rain water inlet on the top of your rain barrel.

Made from sturdy aluminum it can never rust. There are two screens crimped together. The base screen is heavy with large openings to support the fine mesh screen that will keep the critters and insects at bay.
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Huge Rain Barrel Over Flow Port

Huge Rain Barrel
Over Flow Port

Your rain barrel overflow during an average rain storm?

Install the Aquabarrel Overflow Port and safely direct the overflow away from your home.

No one understands your need for a larger rain barrel overflow port like the folks at Aquabarrel.

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Most products are made in USA, some made in Australia.

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