Poultry Bucket Waterer Complete

Still looking for a way to keep your birds watered and not come back to lots of poop and debris in the waterer?

Poop and debris-free poultry waterers!

Horizontal nipple installs in just about any size or shape container

Sideways Sipper Poultry Drinker Nipple

A pretty staight forward product. We take a 4 gallon pail that was headed to the landfill and give it a new life as your new poultry waterer.

Unlike many nipple waterers you will not damage the nipples if you place your bucket/pail on the ground. In our case, we have our waterer perched on top of a couple of cinder blocks in the middle of the field.

We have also noticed less fighting as the less aggressive birds can get water from the opposite side where they are not seen.

The experts say that each nipple can support up to 5 birds.

We offer the Poultry Bucket Waterer with your choice of one, two, three or four nipples. We drill out one hole per side.

We can install as many horizontal poultry nipples as you desire.

Poultry bucket waterer with nipples installed on the side

Our buckets have been recently rinsed of food products. Please take care to scrub and sanitize them once you get them.

Don't need our help and want to make your own? This link will take you to the chicken nipple parts only page.

We have moved this product to its own website. MuddyHillFarm now has this and many other fabulous products for your backyard flock. Please follow this link to the poultry site!

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