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Everyone is looking for a quick and simple way to keep their birds watered. Many folks have the talent and skills to make a waterer for their chickens but need a bit of help in locating the perfect parts. Well you found the place that has the parts you'll need to make your own Poultry Drinker Waterer!

Poultry Drinker - Waterer Parts are on this page. Are you are looking for a ready to use chicken or poultry watering container?

No more wet litter inside your coop if you keep your water inside your coop!

Poultry waterer parts group

All you'll need for installing the Sideways Sipper Poultry Drinker watering nipple is a 3/8inch drill bit. The nipple assembly screws right into your container, so additional tools will NOT be needed.

The Sideways Sipper Poultry Drinker nipple will come to you already assembled! This exploded view may help you to understand how it works.

In the resting position the black o-ring (on the far left) seals the Sideways Sipper Poultry Drinker. Poultry plays with the spring loaded rod. The movement of the pin causes the o-ring to move off the backside and allow water flow out.

Many other nipples retain water inside of them. Nipples that retain water are more likely to freeze in winter months. If you keep your water warm then it should be able to flow even in very cold temps.

Poultry bucket waterer with nipples installed on the side To locate buckets close to you try looking on Craigslist for your area.

Use this link to get to our Poultry Waterer that is ready to use

Notice how this bucket can be placed on blocks to get it to the correct height? Much easier when refilling and cleaning without worring about damaging the nipple? What other nipple waterer allows you to do that?

The experts suggest 5 birds per nipple. They also state that the watering device be placed at the height of their back.

Placing the container up on bricks or blocks may get it to a good working height for your flock.

Do not use electric or mechanical drivers to insert these nipples, only use firm hand tightness to make the seal.

Tested on peeps as young as 10 DAYS old!

We have moved this product to its own website. MuddyHillFarm now has this and many other fabulous products for your backyard flock. Please follow this link to the poultry site!

Sideways Sipper Poultry waterer location on bucket

We like to measure about 1.75inches above the bottom of the container.

Should any sediment fall to the bottom of the contatiner it will not interfere with the function of the nipple.

Poultry bucket waterer installing Sideways Sipper poultry nipple drinker installed on the side
Drill the hole(s) into the container. We use a 3/8inch drill bit when drilling into soft, thin walled plastic containers.

Installing Poultry bucket waterer nipples Do not use tools to install Sideways Sipper Poultry Drinker. Tighten hand tight only. Make sure the cup like extension of the red poutry nipple is at the 6 o'clock position to collect the water droplets.

Use this link to get to our Poultry Waterer that is ready to use

Poultry bucket waterer installing Sideways Sipper poultry nipple drinker installed on the side

Horizontal Poultry Nipple installed on a 55 gallon barrel

Image courtesy of signaturefeathers.com
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