Poultry Equipment

Tired of cleaning out your poultry waterer and feeder of debris and poop? Products developed and built by folks with backyard poultry!

The owners of Aquabarrel also raise chickens. Using the same common sense approach that is the hallmark of Aquabarrel's success, they have developed unique products for the small poultry flock owner.

Like most everyone raising a backyard flock we have tried just about every metal and plastic container on the market. Many of them are worthless. The designs of many of our poultry products are not unique. What is unique is how we have adapted some rain barrel parts on hand to make a better product to use with our flocks.

Poultry Chicken Nipple Waterer

Poultry Waterer

None of the designs for nipple-style waterers we have seen or tried can be placed directly on the ground or up on blocks without damaging the nipples. In many places in our yard we don't have a place to hang our poultry waterers.

The simple solution is to install the nipples on the side of a container!

Installing the fitting a bit higher up the sidewall also ensures a volume of water in the container to act as ballast. So if you are in an area with high winds the bucket will have some weight to it. Installing the nipple higher up on the side will allow for any debris to fall to the bottom so it will NOT clog the nipples.

Pricing and to learn more about the Poultry Waterer click on this link.

Poultry Feeder

Poultry Feeder

Here is an idea that was sent to us from some folks in Australia!

We are using our 90 degree flanged overflow port to make this feeder with.

This 4-gallon container will hold about 20 pounds of feed.

Pricing and to learn more about the Poultry Feeder.

Poultry Waterer Parts Kits

Poultry Waterer Do-It-Yourself Parts

We understand that you would like to make your own poop and debris free poultry waterers with locally sourced containers of various sizes and shapes.

Follow this link to buy parts and learn more about Poultry Waterer Parts

Poultry Feeder Parts Kits

Poultry Bucket Feeder Parts

You will need to do just a little cutting and reshaping of the plastic parts you'll get in the kit. Keep in mind these parts are designed to be used as an overflow for a cistern.

Pricing and to learn more about Poultry Bucket Feeder parts.

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