Aquabarrel "Abe"
Rain Barrel
80 Gallon Capacity

Unavailable - Mold is damaged beyond repair - The Diverter Unit has been salvaged and can be ordered separately

There are dozens of rain barrels in the marketplace. Why is this one different? It has the largest overflow port for its size, a built-in seasonal diverter and an easy to maintenance debris filter.

  • Built-in fill/divert/filter/ overflow tube does it all!
  • Locking pin holds the diverter tube securely in place.
  • Easy to maintain debris filter inside of diverter tube. Stops large debris from entering the rain barrel!
  • 45% more water storage in the same space as a 55 gallon rain barrel
  • Small foot print 24" x 24" x 52"
  • Huge 4 inch inlet is same size as the overflow outlet
  • Child safe rain barrel inlet/outlet design
  • No bisphenol A in our plastic!
  • Comes with a hole saw drill bit and threaded gaskets so you can place the water outlets where ever YOU want them to be installed!
  • Cylindrical not flat back to allow air and sunlight around it. Minimizes moisture build up and mold forming behind it or on your home.
  • Ask about bulk sales to private groups and municipalities.
  • Made in the USA — US Patent D613,925 S
  • New rain barrel instruction sheets being created (4/2014)

Tube in divert position Diverter tube in fill position Diverter tube with filter media installed 80 gallon rain barrel fill, diverter. overflow device

New Colors for 2014

80 Gallon ABE rain barrel color chart. Colors are millstone / granite, sandstone, forest green, recycled black
Recycled Black, Forest Green, Granite, Sandstone

"Abe" Basic Rain Barrel

  • 80-gallon molded plastic rain barrel
  • Basic "Abe" Parts
    • Diverter box
    • Diverter tube with installed debris filter
    • Shut off valve
    • Garden Hose Outlet - Drain
    • .75 inch Threaded Gaskets (2)
    • Hole saw
    • Illustrated instructions
  • You provide or buy
    • Downspout-to-barrel connection (buy)
    • Overflow pipe (buy)
    • Flat level base
    • Caulk or Teflon tape
80 gallon rain barrel green color

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Made in the USA

To give you an idea of shipping charges using the Greyhound Bus line: Frederick, MD to Columbus OH is $100.00. Yes, you will need to collect it from the bus station with the tracking number we will provide to you.

Until the new instruction sheet is completed here are the basics for installation.

Place the rain barrel as close to the downspout as you can. Make sure you have a secure and level base for it to live on.

The round end of a white flex pipe fits into the round in the top of the diverter box on the rain barrel.

Insert it into the top of the rain barrel and stretch it out and over to the downspout. BEFORE you do anything else make sure you can remove the diverter tube so you can clean it out and rotate it seasonally! Do not put the diverter flat up against the house - ask me how I know not to do this (again) :-p - Then mark the downspout and cut.

Slip white flex pipe over downspout and secure with gutter screws if necessary - round end sits in the top of the diverter.

Black overflow pipe can be secured with a couple of gutter screws too if necessary. Stretch out and do not point the overflow at the neighbor or they might do the same thing to you one day;-)

You have the option of placing the drains at any location. Make sure the supplied drill bit is screwed together tightly so it does not wobble while drilling. We suggest you place one outlet close to the bottom to ensure you get nearly all the water and can drain it for winter too. You may or may not want to install the second drain. Most folks place the watering can or bucket they intend to use next to the barrel to determine the location of the second drain. Measure twice - drill once:-)

If these instructions are not clear or you have other questions please ask

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