Overview of Cisterns offered by Aquabarrel Rain Barrel

Aquabarrel® offers many unique shapes and sizes of cisterns and water containment vessels.

1000 gallon rainpillow Water Wal 650 gallon cistern offered by Aquabarrel Rain Barrel
Cistern w/ Pump
Fat Boy®

Rain Water Cistern Collection System
Size: 214 Gallon
Submersible pump inside, NOT gravity-fed!

214 gallon rain barrel rain collection water tank
  • 214-gallon cistern tank
  • 66" long x 22" wide x 45" high
  • Submersible Pump
  • Downspout Debris Filter
  • Downspout to Tank Flex-Hose
  • Spigot
  • Access Cover
  • Drain Plug
  • Overflow Port
  • Assembly required!

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Fat Boy, Water Wall® Cistern
Size: 650 Gallon

650 gallon Fat Boy Water Wall Cistern The 650-gallon Water Wall Cistern is made in the USA.
  • 650-gallon slim profile tank
  • 28" deep x 6'7" tall" x 7'6" long
  • Five colors to choose from - black, cream, brick red, deep green, autumn brown
  • 12" inlet screen supplied
  • 3" over flow outlet included
  • Easy reach garden hose connection
  • Durable, UV stable resin
  • Bottom drain locations on either end
  • Link multiple units together with a linking kit
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Rain Water Storage System

Size: 1000 Gallon

1000 gallon rain pillow The RainPillow is made in the USA from reinforced polymer alloy.
  • 1000-gallon storage capacity
  • Foot print 10' x 8' x 2'
  • Custom shapes and sizes can be fabricated

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This is not the complete line of larger rain water storage tanks. Contact Aquabarrel with your requirements

image of several large  rain water storage tanks
* - No returns

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept rain water containment units for return or exchange.
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