Fat Boy Water Wall

650 Gallon Above Ground Cistern

650-Gallon FatBoy WaterWall cistern:

  • 650-gallon slim profile tank
  • 28" deep x 6'7" tall" x 7'6" long
  • 12" inlet screen supplied
  • 3" over flow outlet included
  • Easy reach garden hose connection
  • Durable, UV stable resin
  • Bottom drain locations on either end
  • Link multiple units together with a linking kit
  • Assembly required! Watch the video below or download pdf instructions (142kb)

650 gallon Fat Boy Water Wall

This tank is manufactured from food grade, UV stabilized polyethylene. Unlike many other tanks available, the polyethylene used has compounded color - the color is put into the resin as it is extruded as opposed to dry color being mixed with neutral resins.

This not only ensures the tank color is consistent over time - but more importantly that the tank is light impervious and therefore does not encourage algae growth. If you can see light through a tank wall then it will allow algae to grow, which is not an issue in smaller tanks and rain barrels where the water turns over relatively quickly, but is important in larger capacity tanks.

650 gallon Fat Boy Water Wall Cistern

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