Link 2 Aquabarrel Designed Rain Barrels together—use our Rain Barrel Linking Kit.

Here is the solution everyone has been asking for. We have had so many requests for a rain barrel linking kit, we decided it was time to make it a regular part of the lineup.

We have all the parts required to connect additional Aquabarrel rain barrels to each other now in one box.

Rain Barrel Linking Kit

Note: Barrel(s) are NOT included in this Linking Kit.

Your finished multi - rain barrel project may look like this when completed.

image 2 rain barrels linked together in series

2 rain barrels connected together

2 Rain Barrels Connected

This is a gravity based system. Water follows the path of least resistance so make sure your second rain barrel sits below the level of the first rain barrel, and the overflow port on the second rain barrel is cut below the level of the inlet.

To learn more about how to set up and link the Aquabarrel rain barrels together, Click HERE...

Rain Barrel Parts Kit, Linking Kits

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