Rain Barrel Parts:
Rain Barrel Linking Kit [EarthMinded]

Need more capacity than one rain barrel can handle?

Multiple Barrels and our Linking Kit is a Solution.

Product Photo:

Photo of Individual Linking Kit Parts

Kit Contents

  • 2 Rubber Hose Seals (2)
  • 1 Fill Hose, 31" long x 1.25" diameter
  • 1 Drill Bit Set
  • 1 Threaded Seal
  • 1 Spigot, Plastic
  • 1 Do Not Drink Sticker

Labeled Linking Kit Parts for rain barrels
Note: Rain Barrel Not Included.

The Linking Kit creates a connection between two barrels like in the drawing below.

Linking Kit Between Rain Barrels rain barrels
Note: Add to Cart button below includes the Linking Kit parts only, not the barrels.

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