Order the Aquabarrel Sentry to convert your IBC Tote into a Rain Harvesting Cistern

With just one simple part to install on your IBC Tote you can turn your 275 gallon IBC Tote into a super sized water collection tank.

Download the Instruction pdf

Aquabarrel IBC Tote with Sentry All In One Diverter Installed

All the DIY Parts for Converting your existing IBC Tote into
a Rainwater Harvesting Cistern are listed here. Not everyone will have the same requirements so we have listed each suggested part by itself. We let you pick and choose what will work best for your installation.

IBC Tote Rain Harvesting Kit with Seasonal Diverter installed
IBC Tote Rain Harvesting Kit
IBC Tote Rain Harvesting Kit Outlet
Aquabarrel Sentry All-in-One Filter Diverter for IBC Totes includes Outlet Fittings and shut Off Valve

  • Simply Rotate the Tube to change from Fill to Divert
  • 100% recycled content - MADE IN USA
  • Plastic bolts and wing nuts cannot rust.
  • Pond filter media will last for years (if you take it out and clean it often) to keep large debris from entering the container.
  • The gasket material provides a water tight seal between the Sentry All-in-One Diverter and your container.
  • PVC coupling screws onto your existing outlet.
  • Shut off valve accepts regular garden hose threads.
  • Installation instructions for the IBC Tote.

Aquabarrel Sentry All-in-One

Big Mouth Gutter Outlet WideMouth Gutter Outlet

In many cases we hear complaints about water overflowing over the tops of the gutter or that the gutters clogged easily. We suggest you convert that puny little drop outlet in your gutter into a huge opening to allow water and debris to flow out of the gutter!

This is the WideMouth Gutter Outlet

Wide Mouth Downspout Outlet

Choose your size by clicking on the white bar below

Downspout to Barrel Pipe

Here is a flexible piece of pipe that will take you from the downspout to the inlet of the Sentry All-in-One diverter. We use a couple of vendors so your FlexPipe might look a little different but they function the same way.

Downspout to Barrel Pipe

Downspout Flex Pipe

Choose your color by clicking on the white bar below
Flexible Landscape Pipe 4 inch Flexible Landscape Pipe

The 'bell end' slips over the Sentry's bottom outlet. The opposite end is a bit smaller and will connect to the next one in series to get further away. Unlike the rigid landscape pipe found in most stores this unique material is very flexible. No elbows to make turns - just flex it.

Flexible Drain Pipe

Flexible Landscape Pipe

Choose your size by clicking on the white bar below
bulk head fitting with garden hose adapter and full flow garden hose ball valve

Side hole bulk head group

Drill a small hole near the bottom of the tank to install a drain that your garden hose can attach to.

Side Drain Group

Do Not Drink Sticker for your rain barrels Do Not Drink Decal

As dumb as it may seem you need to protect yourself from anyone that claims they did not know that you are not to consume this water.

Do Not Drink Decal

This is a basic step by step for all you folks (like us) want pictures not words to 'see' how to put this together!

Concrete base for IBC Tote Rainwater Harvesting System Concrete is best

Please keep in mind that water weighs over 8 pounds per gallon. 275 x 8.33 = 2,2091ish pounds of dead weight.

IBC Tote placed on concrete base Placing the IBC Tote

Look at where your drain is. Make sure you have it pointed in the correct direction.

Checking the location and fit for the Sentry Diverter Placing the Sentry Diverter

Check out the metal cross bars. You will need to pick one that has a large enough opening for the Sentry to fit within.

Tracing the gasket template Tracing the Gasket for the Sentry Diverter

Put the notched corner as shown in the image. Tape or hold the gasket as you mark the holes.

Cut the holes for the Sentry Diverter Cutting the holes

The large hole in the center is 4-1/8"
The four smaller holes are 3/8

There are a lot of ways to cut the big hole. The least time consuming is if you happen to have a 4.125" hole saw in your tool box. If not, cutting with a box knife or even those knives they sell on late night TV that cut thru solid blocks of frozen peas will do the trick. But it will take longer and is way more dangerous!

You're very lucky that we are pretty smart here at Aquabarrel. If you happen to cut outside the lines a little bit the gasket will hide the imperfect cuts.

Installing the gasket and bolts Aquabarrel Sentry All-in-One Diverter Filter

Installing the gasket and bolts

Push the bolts through the diverter box and slip the gasket over the bolts

Installing the wing nuts onto the Aquabarrel Sentry All-in-One Diverter Filter

Installing the nuts

Push the bolts through the diverter box. With a nut in hand reach through the diverter and screw the nut onto the bolt until it kisses the inside wall of the tank. (OK now we know some of your are pretty bad kissers. So what we mean is that we want you to just bring the nut up to the wall of the container and stop until all four are in place) We suggest you install the first two nuts on the top. It will help to hold it in place when you install the two lower nuts.

Now check for fit by installing the tube part way into the diverter and into the tank. IF it rotates easily everything is lined up. Now you can remove the tube and tighten the nuts up. You want to make sure you tighten an equal amount on each bolt. Check for rotation of the tube often. IF it binds check to see if nuts are on an equal amount and adjust as needed. It is NOT necessary to torque the nuts on so hard that Superman cannot ever get them off. You only to compress the gasket a little bit to get a good seal. If you over tighten it may leak more since the material may pucker (more kissing references :-)

A look inside the IBC tote at the wings nuts installed on the Aquabarrel Sentry All-in-One Diverter Installing the nuts - inside view

Thought might like to see what it looks like if you stuck your head in for a peak.

Locking Pin on the tube of the Aquabarrel Sentry All-in-One Diverter Diverter Tube - Locking Pin

We hope you did not try to clip off the little bit of plastic on the side of the tube. It has a wonderful purpose. It keeps the tube in place so it will not pop out during a heavy downpour or when your nephew wants to investigate.

Line up the Locking Pin with the cut out notch on the face of the Sentry Diverter. Push in the tube and rotate to the correct position.

Locking Pin on the tube of the Aquabarrel Sentry All-in-One Diverter Diverter Tube - Locking Pin

Just another view of the Locking Pin.

Filter Media installed at the end of the tube of the Aquabarrel Sentry All-in-One Diverter Diverter Tube - Filter Media

Place the filter media through the hole in the tube and push to wards the opening.

Filter Media installed at the end of the tube of the Aquabarrel Sentry All-in-One Diverter Diverter Tube - Filter Media

You will see a couple of large bumps. These at as stops for the filter media.

Install the flex pipe from the gutter to the top of the diverter Connect Diverter to Gutter

Figure out how to get from the gutter to the top of the diverter box. IF you want to use regular gutter downpipe we sell an adapter that will take you from your rectangle shape to round. It is called a downspout adapter.

Install the flex pipe from the gutter to the top of the diverter Connect Overflow to the bottom of the Sentry Diverter

Last step is to connect a discharge overflow hose onto the bottom of the diverter. You can use 4" PVC or the black landscape pipe. We suggest you use a couple of self tapping screws to secure the overflow pipe to the bottom neck of the diverter.

Most orders are shipped the next business day.

Contact Us if you have any questions before you place your order. Returns require prior written authorization. All returned parts will be inspected and must be in saleable condition. Returns subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee.

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