Aquabarrel® Do-It-Yourself Rain Barrel Parts & Kits

Multiple Item DIY Rain Barrel Parts Kits

Make a rain barrel with one of the patent pending Aquabarrel® Designed Parts Kits. These do it yourself rain barrel kits will save you numerous trips to the hardware store. No scouting the aisles for all those hard to find parts.

Aquabarrel® DIY rain barrel kits include a photo-illustrated instructions (sent via e-mail). Over 20 digital photographs take you step by step through the entire process. You are less likely to find yourself frustrated by trying to imagine what is being done. Now you can see what you are building with no second guessing.

Aquabarrel makes parts kits for the most common types of plastic barrels and storage tanks:

  • Tight-head, closed-top barrels with two “bung plugs”
  • Open-top barrels
    • Lever lock lids
    • Screw-on lids
  • IBC Tote System Tanks

Select the barrel or tank below that looks like yours to learn more about Aquabarrel rain barrel parts kits.

Tight-head Barrel

Open-top Barrels

photo of rain barrel top

image bung plug closeup
Larger Image

open top plastic barrel with locking ring
Lever-lock lid
single bung olive barrel
Screw-on lid

IBC Tote System Tank
IBC Tote System Tank

Aquabarrel® has a PATENT PENDING on design and structure. When you purchase a kit you are also purchasing a “limited license” which is the right to make one rain barrel from the rain barrel kit purchased. Read our legal page.

Individual DIY Parts for Rain Barrels

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