How much rain water is in your tank?
Digital Water Level Monitor

image - Digital Water Level Monitor

RCT's Digital Water Level Indicator is a digital electronic device that accurately displays the water level in a rainwater tank from 0 to 100% using a radio frequency cable sensor that hangs in any open plastic or concrete tank.

The kit consists of a digital display, a tank sensor, a sensor control box, and a power transformer. The display must be mounted in a dry location within 150 feet of the tank and wired to a control box mounted in the tank access area.

The standard sensor measures tanks from 3 to 9 feet deep.

The system is powered by a plug-in 24 volt transformer, an electrician is not necessary for safe installation.

Due to the possibility of radio-frequency interference, this device is NOT recommended for use in steel tanks or tight spaces.

Download a copy of the instruction manual in PDF (1MB)

Digital Water Level Monitor

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