Rain Barrel Pump, 110 volt, Plug and Play

This is a compact 1/10 hp rain barrel pump that will suck the water from your rain barrel and push it through your garden hose at 600gallon per hour at zero feet of head. If you had to push the water uphill 6feet the gph will drop in half to 300gph.

Your rain barrel pump will have a couple of parts that you will need to install. You will need a flathead screw driver to attach the hose to the bottom of the rain barrel pump. The 90 degree brass elbow will screw onto the top of the rain barrel pump.

Now attach your garden hose to the brass fitting that you installed on the top of the rain barrel pump. Screw the intake hose to the rain barrel pump onto your garden hose outlet on your rain barrel. You should always strive to keep the garden hose from the rain barrel to the rain barrel pump as short as possible. The pump is designed to sit on the ground next to the water source. Gravity will help push the water to the intake of the P-Rana Rain Barrel Pump.

While the casing will protect the pump from weather you MUST protect yourself when plugging the pump into a power source. Timers and power strips are popular ways of safely turning your rain barrel pump on and off. We are evaluating what is in the market and will add them or links to them in the near future.

P-Rana Rain Barrel Pump features:

Rain Barrel PUMP ONLY

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