Solar Power to Battery

Aquabarrel Water Pump Kit, Solar Powered

We offer the best plug and play water pumping kits for irrigation. It does not get much easier than this; drop the wand into the tank and connect to the intake of the pump; connect the hose to the pump discharge; attach solar panel to the control box to charge the battery.

Don't have great sun where the tank lives? No worries, just disconnect the hoses and move the controller box and solar panel to a sunny spot. Don't have a sunny spot? Then ask us about the trickle charger adapter that plugs into a wall outlet.

Solar rain barrel pump installed on a 275 gallon tank
solar powered rain barrel pump Solar Powered Rain Barrel Pump sitting on a 55 gallon rain barrel

Features and Benefits:

  • All the components fit nicely into an exterior grade box.
  • Battery re-charges from solar panel technology
  • External and easy to clean pre-pump filter
  • Automatic shutoff at 45 PSI
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Operates with drip irrigation systems and lawn sprinklers
  • Minimal Assembly Required
  • Developed and designed in the USA

Aquabarrel TurboRain Solar Panel Manual Powered Pump Kit includes:

  • Mechanical Timer up to 30 minute run time
  • 20 watt Solar Panel (the size of the panel is now about 14 inches x 19 inches) with 10feet of wire (additional length can be purchased)
  • Storage Box
  • 3.3gpm Diaphragm Pump
  • Battery: 12 volt 18 amp hours capacity
  • Eazy Clean Pre-Pump Debris Filter
  • 2 sections of straight tubing, with all the connectors, to allow for water pick up 4 feet down inside the tank

Aquabarrel TurboRain Solar Panel Automatic Powered Pump Kit includes:

  • Progammable 17-event automatic timer
  • 20 watt Solar Panel (about 14 inches x 19 inches) with 10feet of wire (additional length can be purchased)
  • Storage Box
  • 3.3gpm Diaphragm Pump
  • Battery: 12 volt 18 amp hours capacity
  • Eazy Clean Pre-Pump Debris Filter
  • 2 sections of straight tubing, with all the connectors, to allow for water pick up 4 feet down inside the tank

Turbo Rain Solar Powered Pump Kit

Use the arrows to OPEN the box and select your products and accessories

Optional items:

  • Freeze / Rain - sensor keeps the pump from running when it is raining or temps below freezing
  • Run dry protection with a float switch
  • Trickle Charger - for when the sun does not shine for many days
  • We offer additional wire length if 10 feet is not long enough to reach from the solar panel to the battery box
  • IF you would like to run BOTH a Rain Sensor AND a Float Switch we have an accessory for that too!
  • Pump Pressure Bypass.
  • Additional 2 foot straight tubing with connector
  • Ask about bulk sales to private groups and municipalities.

The box that contains the pump, battery, controller and timer are designed to sit on top of the rain barrel container.

When the pump operates for 45 minutes the pump will get warm but nowhere near the over heating point. This pump is designed to run for about 45 minutes and should be shut off to cool for 15 minutes. This pump should never be run when there is no water to pump - don't burn up the pump. To keep the pump from running when there is no water in the tank you need to install Float Switch.

This pump puts out an average of 3.3 gallons per minute at about 45 PSI. There is a built in pressure switch that cuts off the pump at 45 PSI. So when you let off of the sprayer handle the pump knows that and shuts off the pump. When you pull the trigger the pump will start back up. So in doing the math if you have a 50 gallon barrel divided by 3minutes of pumping time the barrel will drain in about 15 minutes. If you have a 200 gallon tank you could drain it all in just about an hour!

The solar panel is 20 Watt. A Charge Controller keeps the battery from over charging. Yes, it is possible to add additional solar panels to reduce the recharge times. The battery is a sealed 12 Volt DC. You could run the pump up to 4 hours with this configuration. If you run the battery for one hour you will need about fours of full sun on a 20 watt panel to recharge the battery. If you need an additional panel or wish to upgrade to a 40 watt panel - we have those too!

If you have a special pumping requirement please Contact Us for further assistance.

Good storm water management practices are made easier with the right tools.

Freeze / Rain - Soil dampness sensor is really a simple device. When the device is plugged into the Turbo Rain Accessory port, it allows the Turbo Rain unit to come on at any time during its normal operation. Until it rains. When it rains the water flows into the upper chamber. The rain water pasess over discs that absorb the rain and swell. When the discs swell, they make contact with the switch and it then shuts off the connection for Turbo Rain and it will not run. Manual or automatic, it will not run. There are 5 settings on the top of the sensor. These settings are the sensitivity control. Adjust the sensor to shut off Turbo Rain after 1/8" of rain, 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1".

Adjusting the air flow over the wafers by sliding the cover will allow more or less air to flow through to the disks. The more dry air that pasess over them the faster the disks will dry out and be ready for the next time.

This sensor will not allow the Turbo Rain to activate at 37 degrees F or below. This is not adjustable.

How to test the Freeze / Rain sensor: with everything hooked up, and Turbo Rain running, just push down on the top knob and Turbo Rain will shut off.

Pump Pressure Bypass is a group of products to allow the pump to run and not cycle on and off.

Are you going to use the TurboRain with a drip irrigation system? The pump will cycle on and off a lot as it charges the drip line, senses the charged line and then shuts off. The pump is designed so that once the pressure has dropped again the pump kicks back in. While not so horrible for the pump, getting a measured amount of water to the plants and keeping the drip lines full - well not so good.

You will supply the .700 or .710 tubing and we will supply the accessory parts for you to build a bypass loop. Once the water has charged the line and wants to back up it will cirlce back around to the pump. With the right length of tubing you will be able to keep the pump from cycling on and off AND keep the drip lines fully charged for the amount of time you have on the timer (or you have water in the tank)

Made in the USA
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